Importance of Traffic Road and Associated Risks

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Importance of Traffic Road and Associated Risks

Traffic Road: It is the way or path by which people move themselves and carry their necessary things from one place to another.

Ancient Scenario of Road Transportation:

At the very beginning people mostly used water path for their communication. If someone needed to go or send anything to a long distance then there were no alternative without river or sea.

Importance of Traffic Road:

Time: When we carry different things by road transport it saves valuable time compared with water transport. Although air transport saves more time than Road transport but it is not always possible to use air to carry goods considering its high cost.

Product Safety:
If any accident occurs then the owner of the goods can recover a certain portion of the goods it these are not extreme vulnerable. We also can send perishable items quickly to the destination by road.


Transportation Business: Transportation is a great source of income for many people. Transport Production Business: Car making is a large business in many developed and developing countries.

Sending goods through Bad Weather: We can send goods to different places though the weather is bad especially during heavy rain which is impossible by the air transport.

Risks and Drawbacks:

Accident: Road accident takes large number of innocent lives in the world which is really unexpected to us.

Cost: Road transportation cost is comparably higher than the water transportation.

Environmental Pollution:

1.Sound pollution: Various types of vehicles produces sounds which is harmful for hospitals and schools.

2.Air pollution: Vehicles produce smokes that polluting the air and causing different diseases.

Land Consuming: To construct the highways we need a large quantity of land.

Road Construction Cost: The government needs a huge amount of money to construct the road.

Risks Minimization:

To train the...
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