Importance of Tourism Economy

Topics: Tourism, Bali Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Practically everything that you see, touch, hear and taste has something to do with tourism. Tourism provides all transportation system, services, recreational facilities, accommodations, consumer products and specialized services. Indonesia has a lot of tourism destinations where it is important for the economy to gain income sources, create employment and economy development. First, tourism could gain income sources. Indonesia, as a developing country, makes tourism as the main income for the economy. Indonesia is rich of their traditions, culture and the nature beauty. These are all the major things that attract tourist to come and visit Indonesia. The more tourists come to Indonesia, the more income that government will get. To conclude, this will increase the economy. Second, create a lot of needed employment. There is more job field opened related to tourism industry. This will increase the number of employment and decrease the joblessness in Indonesia. Tourist will be more confident to visit Indonesia where the decreasing of joblessness would create less crime in the country. In conclusion, higher safety will materialize. Third, it’s an opportunity for economy development. Association for Indonesia’s tourism always create something new to attract more tourist to come and more destinations opened up. Many of tourists are from out of Asia/overseas where they have bigger currency of money than Rupiah (Indonesia’s money). To conclude, tourism Indonesia had develop economy in Indonesia where Bali is being the most tourist destination. In conclusion, tourism industry has become an important key role for Indonesia’s economy where income sourced is gained, create job field to increase the number of employment and for economy development. All people should keep and preserve all the nature wealth to attract more tourists to come and develop Indonesia’s economy itself.
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