Importance of the World Wide Web

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What is the importance of the internet?
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The main importance of the internet is that it has made information available in a quick and easy manner, publicly accessible and within easy reach. It has revolutionized communications and social networking, creating a zone which was so international that new law had to be designed to govern it. 

People communicate, share data and work through the internet all day, every day, without realizing that it is completely decentralized. The internet plays a great role in removing the borders on nations, and assisting in the process of globalization. 

In a matter of seconds we can now communicate with people around the world, whether for important business matters or just talking to friends.  The Internet is very useful. It has many different ways of helping people such as with their homework, with search engines like Google, or entertainment, game websites like miniclip/video websites like youtube, communication, email websites, such as Hotmail, shopping, online shopping site like amazon.

Importance of the Internet
I think most probably that this [internet] technology will be helpful, to get information easily. In that way it will make clear what is truth, what is reality and what is false propaganda. I think that provided each individual uses their own intelligence or mind to investigate further, this technology should be very useful.  — His Holiness the Dalai Lama (From a BBC forum held 23 feb 2000)  

On this page:
what is "the internet"? why is it important to you? why is it important to your organisation?  
What is "the internet"?
Technically, the "internet" is all the computers in the world that are connected, including the technologies (routers, servers, etc (which are also computers actually) as well as the wires and antennas that keep all the computers talking to each other. So the "internet" is not just your web email. It is everything that goes over those wires from one computer to another: the email itself, web sites, messenger (such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger), phone calls on Skype, messages from an ATM to a bank, ... The words "Internet" and "Web" are often used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, the "Internet" would be everything that goes between computers, and the "Web" would be ... websites. importance of the internet to you

Because of all these things, the "internet" is a gigantic library, as well as a world-wide message board, telephone network, and publishing medium. It is open 24 hours a day, and you can find anything you want there, and say anything you want. As well as current events and blogs, information about almost any subject is available in depth and up to date. This is incredibly valuable for every subject you can imagine. Almost every college and government research organization is "on the web", along with libraries, educational institutions, associations, and many commercial directories and sites, If you appreciate the richness of the Web and the Internet, and get the benefits yourself, then you will be better able to provide services on them. You don't have to know how to do those technical things yourself — but if you know what is useful, then you will be able to direct your technical staff. importance of the internet to your organisation

What does your organisation do?
Broadly, i think one could classify your organisation's jobs into something like this: * "Communication" 
with other organisations, with your members, with your staff, with your supporters and donors. some great ways: letters, phone calls, faxes, meetings
additional ways: email, messenger, web pages, mail lists, web site message boards * "Publishing" your message to the world.
some great ways: books, journals, brochures, press releases, workshops, conferences, lectures....
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