Importance of the Three Marks of Existence for Buddhists

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Alex Smith, 20.11.2012
The three marks of existence

(a) Explain the importance of the three marks of existence for Buddhists [25]

The Buddha believed and taught that everything in the world is related to the three marks of existence, and that everything and everyone is conditioned by the world around them. The three marks are made up of dukkha, anicca and anatta which, combined are reasoned to be the inescapable factors which are underlying in our world spiritually and physically. It is argued that Buddhists like the idea of the three marks of existence because it gives them a greater understanding about themselves, as well as their purpose in this state of being. Also, it may be important as the Buddha’s clear knowledge and understanding is strongly believed by Buddhist followers, therefore it can be seen as the basis for understanding the reasons for living. Although this may be argued as depressive, for example dukkha is about suffering which is a topic many people are unwilling to talk about, and don’t like the idea as their believe it is too negative. However, for Buddhists the three fundamental marks of existence offer a true insight into the reality of life as well as greater understanding. Firstly dukkha is the idea that in life everyone will suffer and feel dissatisfaction. This is important as it helps give people an idea about the importance of suffering and being able to accept certain circumstances that may or may not have been inevitable. Dukkha is a Pali term and was taught by the Buddha as the first of the Four Noble Truths, as well as a mark of existence. He said that if everyone looked around the world you would see a great deal of suffering, for example like he did when he witness old age, illness, death and a holy man. Even people, like Siddhartha Gautama who were rich and privileged feel dissatisfaction at some point in their life. When looking at suffering and impermanence compared it can be seen that any happiness...
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