Importance of Technical Writing

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  • Published: May 28, 2008
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Technical writing can be a very useful form of writing and communication for projects, lab reports, instructions, diagrams, and many other forms of professional writing. It can be helpful to take a course in technical writing because through spending extensive time studying how to perfect the style of writing, it can help engineers become much better at the skill and be able to better communicate with individuals about how do to something or explain what they are doing. Since a lot of the work that electrical engineers do is largely based upon technical documents, such as designing audio equipment, which uses many different types of parts, this could help improve both the ability to comprehend and write the documents. In order to design electronic equipment, a lot of reviewing of data sheets is necessary, and being able to read these is very important. Also, many engineers are required to write detailed reports on the work that they are doing, and through a technical writing course, we would better be able to write in a way that could connect with managers and help them understand better what tasks and goals they are trying to accomplish. In order for an employee to reach their maximum strength in a skill, it would be useful to take a class to improve their knowledge of the topic. Through taking a course in technical writing, electrical engineers could better understand how to make instructions for projects and explain to others the purpose and outcome of projects. In electrical engineering, there are many projects that require extremely detailed instruction, and in order for uninformed people to understand this instruction, it has to be written in a clear, concise way. Through a course in technical writing, it could help for you to become very good at writing these types of documents and create a much more effective work environment. With better technical documents, things would be able to be communicated more quickly, efficiently, and productively. Definition

In order to better show what the general work would be skills would be learned from this class, here is a definition: “technical writing is a term that represents an increasingly broad set of activities that are designed to be comprehensible information that can help people be productive (” Without good technical writing, there can be confusion in instruction, or implied instruction, and without explicit instruction, the worker will not be able to complete the task you have assigned to them. It helps to clear up ‘technical jargon (wikipedia).’ In other words, it helps to translate the technical language into a more familiar tone for the reader. Experience with Bad Technical Writing

Bad technical writing can often result in a lot of stress and a bigger work load. Getting a better grasp on how to do this style of writing can help to prevent a lot of extra work. An example of a bad experience I have had with a technical document was last semester in my digital applications class, where for one of the homework assignments, we had to consult datasheets to obtain the equations for doing the problems. One of the problems dealt with a timer chip, called the LM555. The problems that we had to solve had to deal with pulse width, frequency, and duty cycle. The first problem was to find the pulse width, and in order to get the frequency and duty cycle, the pulse width (time) had to be obtained. However, on some of the datasheets online, the equation to find the pulse width was wrong, so it made for inaccurate calculations, which led to inaccurate calculations for the frequency and duty cycle. Over half of the class had looked at the inaccurate datasheet and failed the assignment. My professor looked online at the datasheet and found the error, so no one got a grade for the assignment. I was really worried at first that I was going to fail my homework assignment, so I was really frustrated with the datasheet for my stress. Since the incident, I have...
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