Importance of Taking Englis

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English 111
Chelsea ******
Informative Analysis Project
What could possibly be so important about English that we are required study it every single year in grade school, high school, and then in college as well? The truth is, English is THE most important course we have access to as students. English is the second most widely used and spoken language in the world. ( The English language is quite complex and extensive; therefore, having an explicit understanding of how to use it and how it works is crucial in the success and advancement of any career.

When applying the importance of taking English 111 to the career of a coroner, it becomes overwhelmingly clear as to why the understanding of English is essential. A coroner’s tasks include numerous daily uses for the English language.

The interpersonal communications between a coroner and their colleagues alone is enough to understand the significance of proper communication. One must understand how to speak properly, for many reasons. One of which is to sound articulate. Sounding articulate may not seem like such a big deal, but when a person sounds articulate, people seem to be taken more seriously and given more credibility.

Another reason it is so crucial to have a working understanding of the English language is because it is so widely used and it is the international language of science, medicine, diplomacy, business, technology, banking, computing, aviation, UN & NATO armed forces, engineering, film, tourism, and education. ( The fact is, a coroner could potentially write a report that could end up being sent to other countries. Because of this, any report that a coroner writes need to be written in proper English and in a professional manner. It is also necessary to choose words carefully, due to the nature of our language, having so many words with multiple meanings.

One of the course goals of English 111 is to learn teach the...
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