Importance of Supply Chain Management

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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1Pls determine process quality charts,check sheets, histograms,pareto diagrams,cause and effect dia,scatter dia,control charts.8 qulaıty man:customer focused organızatıon,leadership,involvement of people,process approach,systematic approach to management,continual improvement,factual approach to decision making,mutually beneficial supplier relationships.JURAN: quality plannig:process of preparing to meet quality goals.involves understanding customer needs and developing product features.control:process of meeting qua goals during operations.control parameters measuring the devratron and taking action.improvement:process for breaking through to unprecedented levels of performance.identify areas of improvement and get the right people to bring about the change.PDCA:slect and describe problem,study present system,identify possible causes,plan and implement solution,eveluate effects,standardize solution,reflect on process and develop future plans.plan-do-check-act. Total qualıty man:TQM tools help organization to identify analyze and assess quality and quantitative data that is relevant to their business.these tools can identify procedures,ideas,statistic cause and effect concerns and other issues relevant to their organization.Edwards 14: create a vision and demonstrate commitment-learn the philosophy-understandd inspection-stop making decisions purely on the basis of cost-improve constantly and forever-institute training-institute leadership-drive out fear-optimize the efforts of teams-eliminate exhortations-eliminate numerical quotas-remove barriers to pride in work-encourage education and self improvement-take action cause and effect diagram : .material,machines,measurement >>>effect man methods other fact 2Pareto diagram optimum point: customer complaint,number,%,cum%,thousand TL cost of correction,%,cum%Quality,32,0.32,.0.32,4,0.04,0.04, 3Pls write quality perspectives 1Perfection2 Consistency3 Eliminating delivery4 Speed of...
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