Importance Of Sports In Life

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Importance of Sports in Our Life
Sports play a very important role in our daily life. They are very important to all of us. Along with giving us fun and joy, they also teach us many things very easily. They help in the mental and physical growth and development of our body. Physical games like – Cricket, Football, Badminton etc make our body strong and active, while mental games like – Chess, Sudoku etc increase the efficiency and power of our mind. They help us to stay fit and fine without much effort. They make our immune system stronger and decrease our chance of getting ill. They help us stay away from obesity and other such problems. They develop many characteristics in us, which prove to be very useful in future. They teach us discipline, as we have to follow all the rules while playing any game. Games having time – limits like – Kho – Kho, Kabaddi etc actually make us punctual and also teach us the quality of time – management. When we are playing any team game, we learn multiple qualities at a time. We learn to co – operate with our team members; we learn to work for a group or for a team, for which we need to put our preferences as an individual aside and we also learn to respect the feelings of others. When we are the captain of a team, we require taking care of many things at a time. We need to motivate our team members, take right decisions in the middle of pressurizing situations and utilize the capacity of every member properly to get the victory. In sports, sometimes we win, while sometimes we lose and this series of wins and losses help us fight the battle of life and also develop the spirit of sportsmanship in us. Sports also enhance our will –power and increase our confidence level. We can see that a sportsman never gives up or quits easily in spite of a difficult situation. Most importantly, if we show true dedication towards any sport, then we can make our career in it and it will definitely provide us fame, money and success. We can...
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