Importance of Sports

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. This is an old saying though brief it gives a very comprehensive picture of the virtues of sports and games. The value of sports and games can be over-emphasized because of its paramount importance in a man’s life. As early as 796 B.C., the Greeks recognized the importance of sports and founded the Olympics. Today, Olympics form a major world event. Each and every sport or game provides a very healthy mean of recreation. Many of us work for long hours during the day. A lot of the work involved is sedentary in nature. A game at the end of such a day provides a score for unwinding, relaxing and enhancing blood circulation and in short it revitalizes the person such that he goes back to work the following day refreshed and recharged to meet the new challenges of the day with vigor. Exercises are as important for the body as is food and nutrition. Without exercise the body becomes dull and weak. A frail body is prone to illness. All sports and games which need exercises keep the body in a pleasurable manner. Apart from allowing for proper blood circulation, regular exercises ensure that all the body organs function normally. We become strong when body is healthy. The mind will also become healthy. When both are working well one tends to be more successful in life. Sports and games also provide for a positive development of a lot of personality trait. Team games enhance the traits oh healthy co-operation with others. Sportsman spirit, self-disciplined, giving respect to others and importance of hard work is important for achieving goals. Ties of friendship develop faster on a sports field. One of the main norms of Olympics is to develop brotherhood o f man. It will certainly not be an exaggeration to state that that if due importance were given to sports by all men, a better race of men would most certainly emerge as results.
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