Importance of Sleep to Humans

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Importance of Sleep to Humans
Try to imagine the following scenarios. A man just ran his Ford F-150 truck into the subcompact car in front of him, all because he was “nodding off” behind the wheel. Two blocks down the street is a seriously depressed businessman, considering ending it all, buy jumping from the roof of his high-rise office building. Downstairs, in the same building, is a woman at work with a terrible headache. She is having a hard time concentrating on tasks she normally would consider incredibly simple. There is a common thread in all of these scenarios; they were all caused by lack of sleep.

It is no surprise to most people that sleep is often sacrificed for things deemed more important. The decision to give up sleep might not be as popular if people realized the importance of sleep in their lives. Understanding the causes and effects, as well as having an understanding of how to avoid sleep deprivation can keep people on the path to a healthier life. Sleep deprivation has many causes, spanning from diet to environment. It can be the culprit of several undesirable conditions like irritability and obesity. Lastly, it is typically avoidable by making a few simple changes to daily routines.

There are many things that can cause people to lose their precious “Zzzzs”. Most know that a crying baby, the urge to use the bathroom, construction next door, shift work, or a “stuffy nose” can negatively affect sleepy time. There are many things that the average person might not think of when trying to get quality shut-eye. For instance, an overabundance of stress, that “night cap” that was downed before bedtime, or the Coke that was consumed at dinner, could all contribute to sleep deficiency. (Lipschitz) Something else to think about is the use of sleeping medications. An interesting, yet disturbing fact is that some medications that are taken to help people sleep are often the cause of sleeplessness! (Lipschitz) Yet another common...
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