Importance of Silent Reading

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“I will let him at first read any English book which happens to engage his attention because you have
done a great deal when you have brought him, to
have entertainment from a book. He’ll get better
books afterwards.”

By reading we mean reading comprehensively. Suppose a person
say’s “I have read the paragraph.” This doesn’t mean that he has
simply gone through it or he only knows how to read loudly by producing different sounds. Reading here means effective reading or good reading with comprehension.

Difficulties of learners in reading are increasing from 5th class on
and learners are more and more left on their own. Everyone expect that they are already solid or good readers and in this way not get special help. The problem is getting bigger and bigger as their motivation for reading is very small. A new form of motivation- silent reading, which has been running in school, already showed some results and will continue in future.

Silent reading is a form of motivation meant to children for better
reading. The learners, teachers read for 30 minutes in a fortnight. In this contribution the whole procedure and additional functions, which are needed for this kind of project, are presented. At the end of the session teacher carried out an opinion poll among the readers, (classes VI& IX) to get feedback of its effectiveness. The results of it are also presented in this contribution.

It is known from school practice that teachers come across with learners who have serious difficulties with reading in higher classes. There are always lots of reasons for that kind of situation.

The most frequent answer is shown in the statements of children that they do not like to read, are not motivated to read. The problem is increasing as wheel turns into magic circle: read poorly do not like to readdo not read enough. The school offers pupils lots of encouragements for reading like reading at home, aloud reading of pupils in class, aloud reading of teachers, silent reading in the lessons and other. However the books, which children have to read at home sometimes, stay unread, not all learners take task serious, not raise their hands when reading aloud in the class, or teacher never calls them out because of their poor reading and other learners don’t want to listen to them. In first years of being at school

when children are still learning how to read, it is necessary for them to practice reading at home. In case they do not, they do not improve the technique of reading, while the texts are getting more difficult and longer, not just in languages but also the texts of other subjects. Some think that learner is being lazy as he/she does not study, so the problem increases even more. The truth is that for example to read the last topic done in History, he/ she needs the whole afternoon. Such pupil does not read if he/she is not forced to it, which is not good at all.

In case a child comes from a family where no one reads, it doesn’t have possibilities to encounter a situation, where everyone around him is silently staring in the books. Such environment is new and unusual to them and that is the reason why I decided to create it together in school. Reading will be useful to other children, and those who like to read will also not mind a few minutes of reading during the lessons.


This project was meant for classes VI to IX. The classes were divided into groups, with good readers as leaders. It was carried for first semester as an activity under CCE activities. To execute it successfully few prehand questions were prepared and answers were sought out, interacting with the students and other language teachers.

The questions pondered over were:-

1. Why should learners read?
In the area of personal development reading offers child...
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