Importance of Signing Out with Cq

Topics: Military, Buddy system, Missing in action Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: November 9, 2010
The Importance of Signing Out with CQ
SPC Vereen

The importance of signing out with CQ is a simple task but yet most would find this task annoying. A prime example would be myself, as I normally do not sign out in the “CQ sign-out log.” My reason for this was at one point that I would never leave the barracks with a battle buddy so I would think I would get in trouble for leaving without a battle buddy partner. I know that the battle buddy system is not mandatory but yet recommended as a safety precaution for soldiers well being but I forget. Anyone can be a battle buddy. This includes civilians, family members, and also the 3rd party nationalist and there for I have neglected the use of the sign-out roster located at my CQ desk. Signing out of CQ lets the leader ship know when you’re out of the barracks and a general location of where you could be found if necessary. A perfect example would be my incident that occurred on the 10th of August 2010. I was intoxicated off post last night and did not return till approximately 0830 in the morning thus missing accountability formation. Accountability formations are use to conform the status of a units soldier that are in attendance, on vacation (leave), sick call, or missing in action (aka Failing to Report to duty (FTR)), and possible AWOL (absent without leave). Because I missed the formation I was thus for unaccounted for and failed to report for duty. Because I did not sign out the CQ book at the CQ desk, no one knew my location and I could have considered missing, possibly injured, and/or dead. Since my phone was off there was no way of contacting me to notify my superiors’ of my where about. The purpose and true importance is to track the location of a unit’s soldier and be able to reach them in the event of an emergency. An emergency of such importance such as a alert where there is a limited time to load gear, initiate communication systems, issue weapons, and etc. to roll out for a war. This emergency...
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