Importance of School Paper

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Importance of our School Newspaper

Have you ever wondered? What is the importance of a school newspaper. Some may think, it is our way of being updated with what is happening in the school. Some may think it is just a paper for entertainment purposes. And some might think it’s nothing. But the truth is, a school paper is the one that answers our questions, one that keeps us updated, and the one that keeps us interested in our school surroundings. It is made in a logical and comprehensive way, in way such as that the reader can easily understand the newspaper. A school paper is also made through rigorous editing, processing and writing.

A school paper gives that answers to the questions that we have in our school. Whatever that question maybe? The question may be about student achievements, school activities, new people such as teachers and staff etc. This shows how our newspaper can be very useful to us, as students. And we are not the only ones being given this information. The staff and other people are also informed of our school through our school’s newspaper. This chain of information that is being made makes it possible for the people inside and outside our school be more vigilant and active in our school surroundings.

A quote by David Bryne “People hear about stuff from their friends or a magazine or a newspaper.” . This quote is a statement of how information passes from one person to another. But not all the time this information that is being passed is true. That is why there are some people who say that a newspaper is the disgusting of all media. Because as much as people want to make a really good newspaper. The Bias of the persons making it is sometimes still there. That’s why you can never really tell if an newspaper is fair in its job to give fair and correct news to everyone.

The newspaper that we have now also updates us with the most recent and important news. Without it we will be ignorant in judging our...
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