Importance of School

The Important Things
When young children go to school, they mostly think they are there to get good grades. People all over America debate its importance and what should be taught in school. The most important things you learn in life are not in a classroom, they are out in the real world, everyday situations that we learn and grow from. Children should learn only to brighten there own individual knowledge and to learn moral values that are actually important in life. The pressure of being important in today's world is greater than ever. Children feel that in order to succeed in life they have to get good grades and attend universities. Parents can be very strict and put massive pressure on there children's academics. In this case, the children are doing it more for there parents satisfaction, not there own. Students are also pressured by what the media tells them. The media represents the main reason for education as making the economy more powerful. The United States is always in competition to be the best in the world. "The children are our future" becomes "The children will make us money." This makes children learn for all the wrong reasons. Learning should be for your own sake and benefit of yourself, not anyone else. Some things you learn in school might seem completely pointless. What learning is really doing is exercising your brain for hard situations you might have to deal with in life. The motivation and stress you put yourself through to get a good grade will make you a stronger person. Even if you never do a math problem out of high school, the discipline that math class gave you will help you in the real world. When children first start to learning, they should be taught moral values. There is too much pressure in this world to be rich and have a good job. On the TV and radio all you hear about is rich people's houses and jewelry. When it really comes down to it, if you really find those things to be the most important things in life, you will...
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