Importance Of Relationship Marketing

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Customer Relationship Management And Importance Of Relationship Marketing In The Banking Sector

This project report is being submitted as a part of the requirements of the MBA Program of Bangalore University.

The project has been undertaken

Reg. No. 04VWCM 6117

With the guidance and support of
Prof. Raja Sekhar
Faculty: MBA


BANGALORE – 560 076
Batch: 2004-2006


I, Shriya Mehrotra, student of MBA 4th semester, studying at Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore do here by declare that this project relating to the topic “Customer Relationship Management And Importance Of Relationship Marketing In The Banking Sector” had been prepared by me after undergoing the prescribed dissertation requirements a part of the objective of the MBA program of Bangalore University ( Batch of 2004-2006).

The study has been done under the support and guidance of Prof. Raja Sekhar.

I further declare that this project report has not been submitted earlier to any other University or Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma.

Shriya Mehrotra Reg. No. 04VWCM 6117


This is to certify that SHRIYA MEHROTRA, student of MBA 4th semester Reg. No. 04VWCM6117 of our Institute has completed his Dissertation report on the topic “Customer Relationship Management and Importance of Relationship marketing In the Banking Sector”, under my guidance, and that no part of this report has been submitted for the award of any other Degree or Diploma to any other Board or University.


Prof. Raja Sekhar Faculty Alliance Business Academy


The satiation and euphoric that accompany the successful completion of task, would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible. After all, the success is the epitome of hard work, severance, undeterred, zeal, stead fast determination and most of all encouraging guidance. So with immense gratitude, I acknowledge all those whose guidance and encouragement served as a “beacon light” and crowned our efforts with success. I sincerely thank Mr.Sudhir.G.Angur, Honorable president- Alliance Business Academy, for giving us an opportunity to take up this research. I thank him for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. I would like to express my profound sense of gratitude to Mr.B.V.Krishnamurthy, Director and executive vice president –Alliance Business Academy for providing me support to conduct this research With a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness, I sincerely and whole heartedly thank Prof. Raja Sekhar, my project guide for giving me valuable suggestions and advice through out the execution of the project. Last but not the least, I would like to thank almighty God, my parents, and my friends who helped me gather these data and have sat with me for hours discussing about the project.

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