Importance of Recycling

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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The Importance of Recycling

The recycling of materials is an extremely crucial process towards the improvement of the condition of our planet. However, not everyone is motivated to recycle; why is this? I believe if everyone was more educated on the immense benefits recycling has to offer, more people would be inclined to actively recycle. The advantages of recycling will be significantly larger if a higher percentage of people take the time to recycle their goods. Those who understand these benefits should advocate for the expansion of recycling means in order to help sustain our planet and improve our environment. Mankind should attempt to attain the goal of “zero waste”. There are many steps one can take in order to reduce our negative impact on our Earth.

Our planet and environment are in dire need of protection from pollution and other harmful entities. Contrary to what many think, our planet does not have an endless amount of resources for human use, and if we continue to abuse these resources we will soon have to do without them. Many invaluable and non-renewable resources are being threatened and it’s our behavior and conduct that is posing this serious threat. Some of the most serious issues faced by mankind today include climate change, overuse of non-renewable resources, pollution, and water shortages. Different aspects of recycling help address each of these issues and would work towards improving the condition of our planet.

Climate change is a serious and present threat faced by Earth’s people. Some of the most prevalent types of climate change include heat waves, drought, heavy precipitation, increase in ocean heat, a rise in sea level, and an increase in ocean acidity. The frequency of heat waves has steadily increased since the 1970’s. According to the American Red Cross, heat waves cause more deaths than any other weather related danger, including floods. If we don’t take measures to prevent more heat waves from occurring, more human...
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