Importance of Recruitment and Selection of Sales People

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  • Published: April 29, 2012
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Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. What are some of the problems associated with selecting the wrong person for the job? Enhanced customer expectations coupled with increased global competition means that growth, or even survival of a firm is difficult. Organisations need to respond to a rapidly changing global environment (Cascio 2011). Success for a firm thus is dependent on attracting and retaining high quality individuals who can respond effectively to this changing environment. This infers that there can be ‘wrong’ persons; individuals who are more of a liability rather than ‘right’ persons who are assets (Fombrun and Devanna 2008). This occurs because there are differences between individuals, which influence how they perform particular jobs. Employing capable people is of vital importance and this relies on effective recruitment and selection procedures, which aims to select the ‘right’ person and reject the ‘wrong’ ones (Bridges 1994). Recruitment and selection involves making predictions about future behaviour so that decisions can be made about who will be most suitable for the job. It is a process by which the organisation will try to accurately fit the individual to the job. The internet nowadays is playing an important role in recruitment as it advertises jobs and serves as a place to locate job applicants. Better recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes. The more effectively organizations recruit and select candidates, the more likely they are to hire and retain satisfied employees (Anderson 2005). The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people and finding the problems associated with selecting the wrong person for the job. Recruitment is a process of attracting individuals who might meet the specification of the job. The first stage of the recruitment process involves a systematic review of the organisations requirements...
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