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Importance of Reading

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Despite the fact that most people feel that reading is a leisure activity, it has enormously effected their lives in many diverse ways. I feel that something as simple as reading or writing will have an impact on a future job, position, or even a game show. I feel that the different texts and contents you read, will eventually turn out to be the more knowledge in different areas and fields you will come acquainted with. When I first started out reading, I read 100-paged fiction stories on dragons and medieval war. Then, as this subject became one of my top interests, I started reading non-fiction books about medieval warfare and even about different countries during that time. In comparison, my writing started out very poorly as I used run-on sentences and improper grammar and punctuation. This has advanced greatly overtime as I wrote more and more essays, papers, and short stories. Not only does reading and writing enhance over time, it also opens the door to absorb information which effects school performances.

To begin with, it has helped me learn things that are not taught in school or by a teacher. Reading magazines and newspapers daily informs me with what is going on in the outside world, and in my community. Most of the contents in newspapers are about current events and issues. By reading these articles, I can now read faster and more efficiently. Also writing e-mails to my friends and relatives definitely enhances my way of writing a "friendly letter" which is not taught in school. This method teaches me the different techniques used for writing a friendly letter. For example, instead of starting my letter out with a formal introduction, I could just talk about what I have done today. Friendly letters are a type of writing which is not required to be taught, but is learnt on my free time. Lastly, reading short poems increases my knowledge of many different poetry methods and ideas. Since there are so many different poets in the world, I have learnt...

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