Importance of Reading

Topics: Mind, Better, Cognition Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Reading helps us develop our cognitive ability and imagination. Even without the help of an education program, it will be enough to provide sufficient information to help with a person’s livelihood. These days, literacy has become a necessity. Society has a low perception of people who can neither read nor write, for they appear to have little or no self-worth. Educating oneself does not only provide for a better life, but it also satisfies the person. It gives a certain confidence one can only achieve through education. Reading also provides a better and a wider vocabulary. With this, a person can be better-off in society. A person with a rich vocabulary will find no difficulty in speaking his mind, which means he will always get what he wants because he can express himself properly. He will be able to use creative ways to talk for he has learned well through reading. People will also be charmed in the intelligence of his manner and be awed in the grace in which his words flow, which will make them want to do as he says. On the contrary, a person without an advanced vocabulary to speak of, other than the usual way of speaking, will find it hard to say what he wants. Because of this, people will be impatient with him, outraged at his idiocy. He will not only fail to achieve his goal, but will also be degraded in his opinion of himself, and in the opinion of others. Reading will also help people to avoid being crass, for they will know how to say things without being rude. Swearing and cursing is one of the indications that a person does not have a rich vocabulary. Reading enhances the way a person speaks and thinks. If a person knows how to express himself well, he will not need to result to profanities to say what he needs to say. He will be able to politely say what he needs to, thereby achieving his goals without offending others. Reading is an active mental process. It hones the mind the same way a whetstone sharpens a blade. It improves the speed in which a...
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