Importance of Psychology in South Africa

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  • Published : August 12, 2012
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Psychology 114|
Tutorial Assignment|
Rachelle Gent|


We stay in a developing country filled with poverty (Hickson, Kriegler, 1991). Those who stay in poverty stricken areas are forced to face things such as illness, crime and death and are more exposed to things such as mental illness and educational problems. These all affect people, not just physically, but also psychologically. Psychologists play an important role in the treatment of individuals psychologically affected by these things. In my opinion the role of psychologists in South Africa is treating individuals affected by the above mentioned. Take illness for example, South Africa has one of the highest statistics of individuals infected with HIV/AIDS (Hayes, 2000). This illness doesn’t just affect people infected by the virus but it also affects those around them. Children are left without parents and families are left without income, these are just two out of many results. It is up to psychologists to treat these individuals psychologically affected by such losses. In poverty stricken areas children are not exposed to good schools and are more prone to educational problems. A psychologist (such as remedial therapist) would come in and assist the children in their problematic areas. Another important issue (which is part of our past) is apartheid. Many people are still affected by apartheid whether directly or indirectly. An example of how psychology could help South African’s in this issue is the treatment of people affected directly by apartheid (Hayes, 2000). Take an individual who had to be part of the army in apartheid who did not just witness many deaths but who maybe had to kill someone. An individual like this is most likely affected by something like post traumatic stress disorder. A psychologist would have to treat someone like this. There are many examples that can be used but the above mentioned shows the importance of psychology in our country, in my...
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