Importance of Population Census

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Using Census Information in Planning
In a number of countries, the population census plays a major role in the allocation of elected political seats in government. The number of elected officials for each governmental administrative unit is determined by the population size of a given locale. For some countries, the information is also used in the allocation of government resources. The size of the population determines, in part, the amount of money that is provided by government for development efforts. For planners, census information is used in just about all planning decisions. The census of population provides information on the age and sex distribution, in addition to household composition and size, all of which are vital in determining the needs of different segments of the population. The census of housing allows planners to assess changes in the quality of housing and related facilities and plan for future housing needs. Table 4-1 provides possible planning-related uses for population and housing data.  ssss

Table 4-1: Possible Uses of Census Information| | |
Census Information| Potential Uses| | |
Total Population Size| When two or more census counts are compared for the same location, planners can determine if locales are increasing or decreasing in size.| | | Age and Sex| Used to help identify segments of the population that require different types of services.| | | Sex| Sex ratios can be calculated by 5-year age groups to crudely observe migration, especially among the working age cohorts.| | | Marital Status| Used to provide insights into family formation and housing needs.| | | Household Composition and Size| Used to help determine housing needs for related and unrelated households.| | | Educational Attainment and Literacy| Used to provide information on the educational skills of the work force. These measures also help planners select the best strategies to communicate with residents.| | | Location...
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