Importance of Planning

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Importance of Planning Ahead

One of the most important lessons in life is to learn how to properly plan ahead for any situation that one may encounter; from daily life to planning your career one must learn how to properly plan. Short term planning must take place so that immediate goals are achieved. As Well, as long term planning so that larger more distant goals can be reached. Without proper planning many of life's daily tasks would not be accomplished. Having a plan is a good start but one must also have a backup plan to ensure success. However, following through is the most important part of any plan that is going to be successful. If these three basic ideas, that there needs to be a plan, there needs to be a backup plan, and finally that action needs to be taken for the successful completion one will have the means to successfully complete most any task.

The planning of short term goals is what enables one to complete simple tasks, many of these tasks need to be completed on a daily basis. For example, before going to sleep at night you might ask yourself "What do I need to accomplish tomorrow?". This is the first step in your planning process, your setting those goals no matter how simple they may be. From getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night you have a plan. Some plans are easily made without a second thought. For instance setting your alarm to wake up the next morning would be an example of simple planning that only takes the smallest amount of thought. If the same plan for your daily life is made over and over it becomes routine. Maybe you wake up the same time every morning, go to work the same way everyday, eat lunch at the same place same time everyday, make the same stops everyday on your way home from work. Eventually you don't even realize that you've planned this into your day because it's become a routine. Planning is a part of our daily lives it's something we often do without even thinking about it.

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