Importance of Place in Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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fWrite about the importance of place in the telling of the story in parts one to four of the ‘Rime of the ancient mariner’.

In the beginning, the poem is set outside of a church just before the wedding guest is about to cross the threshold into the church to witness the wedding. This is also a pivotal part of the poem as this is where the mariner tells his story to the guest. This creates a joyous atmosphere at the beginning, ‘The guests are met, the feast is set, may’st you hear the merry din?’ which is then tainted with the mariners arrival, this brings in a darker atmosphere and creates a sense of foreboding. This prepares the audience for the supernatural and ghostly happenings in the poem yet to come.

Then, the setting changes as the mariner begins to recite his tale to the wedding guest to the harbour as the ship is about to set sail. The setting here reflects the feeling of occasion and delight, ‘the ship was cheered the harbour cleared’‘. Furthermore the use of pathetic fallacy highlights this ‘the sun came up upon the left…and he shone bright’. This is important in the telling of the story as this part is used as a contrast to the darker nature of the poem further on.

Moreover, for the remainder of parts one to four, the setting takes place on board the ship and the ocean, during this time the setting is very important in the telling of the story. As the mariner and the crew are subjected to the raging storm in the ocean, this greatly contrasts with the peaceful and calm setting of the harbour and introduces the start of the darkening atmospheres. ‘And now the storm blast came and he was tyrannous and strong’. More over the personification of the storm setting here introduces the reader to the idea of the supernatural forces that make up the darker side of the poem, and therefore here the setting aids the telling of the story.

Additionally the way the setting alternates from the raging storm blast and into the ice world is important. ‘The...
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