Importance of Not Sleeping at Work

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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15 February 2013
Significance of not sleeping on duty

In todays world, specifically the Army world, their is a time and place on when to do certain things. Some cases may involve watching children and being attentive to their actions, while other duties may entail supervising lower employees and ensuring that a specific task is completed. A perfect eample of the second example would be the Seargeants and their lower enlisted counterparts. The Seargeants core purpose for leading his soldiers is to push his youngins to rise and one day take his place or ajoin in reign with the United States Army. Ones primary drive and purpose in the Army, if he/she wishes to be on top; is to cary out his orders and do each task to the best of his abilities. A soldier cannot obtain such a task while Sleeping on duty.

while on the subject of misconduct on duty, such an activity in any particular workplace can be considered grounds for disciplinary action such as I have received now, but on a much larger scale; much like un-employment. In other similar career paths like the Army, firefighting or caregiving, you might be assuming or thinking that you can get away with such an act and not get caught, and the truth is you might just slide by and make hast. On the flip-side however, such an act such as sleeping could lead to a death or any type of serious injury if caution is'nt practiced.

I wish to say this though while writing this narrative, though people may look at sleeping on duty as gross misconduct and or negligeance, they're those in their designated fields of work that intend to have good faith to stay attentive and alert, but accidently doze off
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