Importance of Muslim Unity in the Muslim World

Topics: Computer network, Local area network, Wide area network Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 22, 2011
Write the disadvantages of internet?
Ans. 1) Children have free access to pornography.
2) Makes people too lazy to refer books.
3) Wastage of time by kids and adults on internet chatting.
4) Internet can give false information on certain subjects which makes books a better option. (eg: some ''wiki'' articles are not reliable) 5) Cyber friendships sometimes lead to extreme dangers like kidnaps, rapes etc, when both parties meet in person. 6) Virus attack is a major problem.

7) Internet posture which can lead to various health problems. gaming gives people long time exposure to computer screens and bad sitting

Qii Write the difference between LAN and WAN?
Ans There are two basic types of network, the LAN and WAN. LAN stands for local area network and WAN stands for wide area network. There are obvious differences between the two network types. To begin with local area networks. They are smaller networks, usually within an office base. Connections between the workstations are physical, with cables, and all the office resources are shared and distributed between the network workstations. The most common type of LAN is that of Ethernet. This is a family of frame-based computer networking technologies for LANs. [pic]WAN, or wide area networks, are broader geographic networks, like one city to another. They are more of a collection of interconnected LAN networks. Other WANs, provided by service providers, connect local networks to the Internet. In actual fact the Internet is more a specific Internetwork, not a straight WAN. While LANs are smaller, collectively they can be linked to create the WAN. This really is done using a series of routers, and bridges, which are basically network hardware devices which enable interconnectivity between separate LANs. With the option of expanding into small-scale WANs. The real contrasting features of LANs in comparison to WANs is that of their data transfer rate, need for leased lines and geographical range. LANs are faster,...
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