Importance of Music Education

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The Importance of Music Education

Stephanie Joyce
ED201, Legal Issues in Education
Professor James Pietrovito
October 21, 2012

My topic paper I decided to write about will be on the importance of Music Education! A lot of schools in America these days are cutting the Fine Arts programs (art and music). I don’t think that the school systems realize that the subject of music is as important as Mathematics, English, Physics, American History, and so on. I want to prove to everyone just how important the subject of music is to our students!

According to Chapter Five in the textbook Foundations of American Education: 6th Edition, back in the Middle Ages, city states such as Sparta, Athens and Rome had a wide variety of studies. They studied reading, writing, arithmetic, literature, mathematics, and so on and so forth. But what I also noticed is that they did big amounts of studies in the fine arts (music, art and dance). Now, back in the middle ages, they found that the fine arts were as equally important as other subjects (mathematics, astronomy, science, etc.). Why in today's world, people don't see that the fine arts are as important to learn as any other subject in school? Now a days, many of the fine art classes are either being cut from schools, or just completely terminated! If the Middle Ages thought it was "important" to learn, then why do most schools feel that it's not important to keep the fine art classes alive? This is one of my other reasons why I decided to make this topic my term paper topic.

“Music affects people intellectually, emotionally, physically, personally and socially (Falango, 2009, p. 1)”. Music has been a part of this world for thousands of years, even before Christ. King David composed and performed many songs. Back in those days, the songs that King David wrote were referred as “Psalms”. Psalms are songs that were used to worship God. “During his 40 years ruling Israel (Schoenberg, 2011, p. 1), King David wrote many Psalms.” That was how music began.

The 1750’s through the 1820’s was considered the “Classical Generation”. Those were the years when the piano became a composer’s instrument of choice. During this time, Mozart wrote his first symphony, Bach performed in London, and Beethoven was born. Many of the symphonies we enjoy today were written during this time. All these famous composers and performers helped revolutionize the music we have today. If it wasn’t for them, the music we listen to now wouldn’t be around. For example, if Alan Crosland didn’t start singing Jazz music, we wouldn’t have rock music today. Because jazz lead to swing, which lead to bop, which eventually lead to rock. Different genres of music have different backgrounds, but the general idea of me bringing this up is because if they didn’t play the music they had back then, then we wouldn’t have the music we have now!

“The concept of education is very similar to the concept of socialization, because both aim to preserve and transmit the intellectual, moral, and aesthetic values of the society (Webb Metha and Jordan, 2010, p. 188).” I believe that statement on socialism goes well with music. Music is a pretty big factor when it comes to socializing. When people hear a song, sometimes they have that moment where they feel a “connection” with the song. That shows the audience that there are other people out there that can relate to other people and their emotions…… through music. Not to mention that music education can help students learn the values of “socialization” through music. As I just mentioned, people have different emotions for different songs (whether if the song is with or without words). When students get enrolled into a “Music Composition” class, they learn how to write their own music. Generally, students would learn how to play piano during this course. This gives students the opportunity to express themselves through music. Also, the music instructor would usually give the students the...
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