Importance of Music

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an you imagine a world without music? Studies conducted by the National Conference of State Legislatures show that public schools across the country are cutting back on music classes in an ­attempt to save money. Worse, some schools have never had music programs to begin with. But without these fundamental programs, students' academic growth and emotional well-being could suffer, and our understanding of the universal language of music could become a thing of the past. To prevent this, music classes should be mandatory for all students in public schools.

Music is a complex language that incorporates mathematics, science, history, physical education, ­coordination, and mental dexterity. ­Recent studies by Brown University have shown that students who received music education classes were significantly more advanced in math and reading skills than those without. Another study by The College Board found that students taking music and art classes scored 58 points higher on the verbal portion and 38 points higher on the math portion of the SAT than those without access to these classes. Students' overall academic success seems to depend on their participation in music education.

Music programs in public schools also help to ­foster a student's sense of pride and self-confidence. Teens today carry heavy baggage – not merely their backpacks, but the additional emotional weight of family problems, self-confidence issues, relationship troubles, and choices about drugs and alcohol. All of these can hinder academic success, but music education can help. The teamwork required for chorus, band, symphony, and orchestra lets students benefit from a setting that fosters acceptance and group strength. A study by The Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse found that students who took part in school instrumental programs were less likely to become involved with drugs. Music programs encourage students to work together to produce an excellent performance that is both...
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