Importance of Motivation

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Importance of motivation for workers: Getting the best from people

Imagining organizations are where people continually extend their capacity to produce the results they truly desire, where new and wide range of thinking are cultivated. Then motivation would be the force behind to lead people within the organizations to act in a certain way. While now the trends in business are changing rapidly, competitions are more aggressive than ever. Probably only those organizations that are flexible, adaptive and productive would excel. Recognizing that, organizations need to tap the right people and get the best from them.

Build up positive corporate culture
Positive motivation and commitment are the key to build a strong corporate culture and that drives high performance. While people are passionate about their work and feel like they are part of the organization, this powerful relationship between organization and employee become valued. This connection would impact on every individual employee. Employees want to be treated with respect and dignity. Doing the right thing, making them aware of their contribution, feeling pride in their work would drive employee behavior and attitude to embody a positive corporate culture. In a result, they are willing to growth as a whole with the organization. A positive corporate culture would not only makes the organization stands out, but also result in higher productivity, lower absenteeism and lower return.

Enhance competitive capability
Today’s competitions are promoted by the free movement of capital, speed of communication, availability of information and various other factors that are on and on occurring. Organizations need to provide an incentive for employees to voluntarily work more hard and more efficiently, in order to faster respond the situation. To make that happen, management need to influence the employees want to achieve the certain aims. When they are rewarded for performing that way, the motivation, which is the driving force that be needed to guild the way to make clear the connection between reward and performance. For instance, while the organization is able to develop a clear career path, the motives for employees to strive to be the best would become more conscious. The process of motivation allows them to evaluate how valued the rewards are by themselves, instead of force by superior. That would somehow estimate their inner needs and desires, and therefore they will put the extra effort and enthusiasm to the work. Also, they tend to more willing to challenging themselves in order to achieve the goal. All these features will certainly leading the organization become more competitive.

Motivation could be more important during the rough time of the business. In a harsh moment, job security and financial reward would easily overcome everything, and change the employees’ value that the organization has long built. This is the best timing for the organization to lose their best employees. Management has to skillfully avoid that by adjust the business strategy, refining the way business work and setting an acceptable financial reward system that retain the exceptional employees and motivate others. Physiologically, if the employees have been highly motivated to confront the crisis together with the organization, it would further more generate the cohesiveness and loyalty among the organization and colleagues. In another words, organization can not afford to lose its best fighters during the hard time as well.

Ease team building process
People are individual. They have different status and condition in related to their work. They have different needs and desires. Thus, they deserve to be treated as an individual. However, the success of an organization is depended on the team building. leader has to group the employees to share a common goal and in which the skills of each individual complements those others, in order to accomplish the common task. At...
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