Importance of Money

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Money is an instrument that we all depend upon to conduct every facet of our lives. The allure of money is magnified by our need for goods and services that are packaged to wet our appetite to spend more. If we could be contented with having less, then our need for money would be decreased, but we are constantly bombarded with so much temptation that we have become slaves to money. The funny, yet sad, thing about our dependence on money is that we have created this monster and have allowed it to take over and control our lives. Every decision me make is based on money, so when deciding what to do we must first look at our finances to see if we can even afford to do it in the first place. In the past watching television was free and now we are forced to earn more to pay to watch it, but what do we get for watching those programs that they are making million from, due to our viewings. Nothing, but a bill at the end of each month, and we thank them by paying all their silly fees and services that, for the most part, is simplified by technology.

The importance of having money and some means of earning it is crucial, therefore I would like to see some changes in its distribution that can lead to more lives being improved than the few who possess more than their share. Can we imagine a world where corporations pay us a fee for using their products once we purchase them? This does not have to be some extraordinary amount but they should be paying all of us something for helping them to become successful. This is one way in which this world could aid our dependence on money, and I'm sure that we can think of other ways to improve our ability to accrue finances outside of work.
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