Importance of Managerial Behavior

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  • Published : July 11, 2009
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Importance of Managerial Behavior
I am sure that everyone is aware of our impending merger with EnviroTech. I know that the merger will be difficult for everyone, but as managers we need to set a good example for the other employees to follow. Our employees are currently very stressed out with the idea of the impending merger and possible termination of some employees. I think it is very important to remember, that as managers we set the tone of the work environment, and we all need to be aware of our behavior and how that behavior affects the employees. The working environment here at InterClean is a direct reflection of the managers. Employees should feel free to speak with a manager without fear of repercussion, to help facilitate this philosophy I would like all managers to adopt an open door policy. I think employees need an outlet to voice their concerns to management. As a manager you need to realize that you impact the productivity of your team. If you are too stern it will impede the independent though of each team member, too lenient and the team may not live up to expectations. Productivity is increased when YOU are the leader of your team. A leader is someone who inspires and motivates their team to meet our goals. I am asking each manager, right here right now to take control of their team and to be a leader. I want you to be the example that others want to follow, I want each one of you to inspire and motivate. How do I become a leader? I know it’s a question everyone is asking themselves right now. How am I supposed to motivate or inspire my team? I feel the ultimate success of this company depends on the merger with EnviroTech. Motivating your employees to succeed in this merger will help them and the company. Constant praise and acknowledgement of a job well done is a good example of proper motivation. Holding yourself to a set of higher standards should help to motivate others to follow you. I want to remind each manager of some actions that...
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