Importance of Logic in Our Day to Day Life

Topics: Logic, Psychology, Understanding Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Misunderstandings commence from the heart of people who are not adept in expressing their needs and desires in a discreet and precise manner which sooner or later result to a more devastating damage like chaos and wars between confederations. Crimes like illegal and immoral acts are committed because of the endless sufferings of one whose needs are not adequately comprehended due to his poor ability of expressing himself. Major and minor dilemmas between friends, family members and other relationships are the aftermaths of ignorance in the appropriate and proper usage of language. These few and many more problems which we are facing today usually root from a distinct cause which is the lack of comprehension which could have been solved before it commenced if only the humanity learns how to study the structure of arguments and ascertain its validity and truthfulness. Indeed, the study Logic is a very vital necessity which could lead to a more vivid, harmonious and progressive future. These are some of the numerous good reasons why it is helpful to study of this subject; Logic learning can allow you to improve the quality of the arguments that you create. When you make rational disputes, you are apt to convince other people to agree with your claims. And people are much less likely to believe that you have a valid point by giving them accurate and logical justifications. Theulearning procesu will also giveuyou the ability to evaluate the arguments of others. When you know how to understand arguments the way they are supposed to be constructed and the way they shouldn’t be constructed, you will find all kinds of bad arguments out there that could weaken your opponent’s conclusion most especially during debates. As you argue with each other you will be able to determine the fallacies which were asserted because you will be able to critically scrutinize the rationality and authenticity of your opponent’s dispute. The close relation between the study of logic and...
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