Importance of Learning English

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Lesson Plan
Teacher’s name: Mr. Anun date: 1/ 4 / 2013
Subject: English Time: 90’ Class: M3
Unit: 2 Jennifer is going to live in Vientiane
Lesson: 3 What are you going to do this year?
Aims: Ss will be able to:
* Read and remember the meaning of each word.
* Read and understand the conversation.
New language: sunglass, farewell party, pilot, blouse, drinks, jumper, overnight, pants, engineer, singer, computer science, toy plane, medicine, travel bag… Materials: Book3, board, flipchart.
Stages| Teacher’s activities| Ss activities| Materials| Time| Greeting| * T greets Ss. * T asks Ss who absent today.| * Ss greet T, too. * Ss report.| | 3’| Review| * T asks Ss about the old lesson.Example: 1. What is your father going to do this weekend? 2. What is your mother going to do this week?| * Ss answer the questions| | 7’| Presentation| * T writes the topic on the board.Unit: 2 Jennifer’s going to live in VientianeLesson: 3 What are you going to do this year? I. Vocabulary: * T tells Ss to close their book first. * T asks Ss what are you going to do this year? * When you’re travelling, what should you prepare? * T then tells Ss to open their books. * T gives them the meaning and drills the words by using the procedures of drilling. * T writes the words on the board. * T takes Ss to read 2-3 time and then asks volunteers to come to read the words on the board. * T asks them to copy.| * Ss open their books onto page 23. * Ss close their books. * Ss answer the question. * Ss open their books onto page 23. * Ss listen and then repeat after the T. * Ss can see the form of the words. * Others listen and ask for clear pronunciation if they don’t still know the correct sound. *...
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