Importance of Learning English

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, English people, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: February 2, 2013
The importance of learning English
We live in a fascinating world. Our duty is to simply discover it and to marvel at its beauties. The third millennium brought up a controversial debate: globalization versus unicity and originality.

Some people dream of a planet where we are all equal, sharing the same culture, high aspirations, building a common history. Others, however insist on maintaining the national specific through exploring mainly our forefathers ambitions and achievements. Nevertheless, there are a few who sustain the concepts can harmoniously coexist- the wider will the explored area be, the richer our spirit will become.

Nowadays it is generally acknowledged that learning at least one foreign language “it's a must”. English is the most spoken one all around the world. Whether you are a businessman, an ambassador, an artist or just a tourist traveling abroad, you may easily merge into the local reality, into the surrounding atmosphere, feeling at ease anywhere, provided you know English.

Generally people who really have got something to say, whose desire is to share their message or beliefs worldwide are compelled to use English. Consequently, the masses will certainly acknowledge and try to understand their point of view. It symbolizes a proof of respect, a manner of reaching out to people who would rather feel the emotion of the speaker instead the translator’s rigidity. This phenomenon can only be perceived as a miracle. It is a monumental bridge celebrating diversity and still connecting our dreams and expectations for a spectacular future. If Mars is colonized, the inhabitants will most likely speak English. We glance at this monument in astonishment and eagerly accept the invitation of traveling through other cultures and mentalities.

Teenagers tend to agree that creativity is more important than knowledge. Well, learning English confers confidence and imagination, therefore the power to invent, to create. It is fantastic to be able to...
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