Importance of Learning English

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Letter to my teacher
I would like to read something that increases my interest of the world society. A literary work that will have an effect on how I see things and what I decide to do later in life. I would like to read a text that contains of a world conflict, politics, human rights or enslavement. I have read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini and I would like to read a factual text that has the same effect on me. I got as involved as a 15 year old from Norway could, learned more about it and took part of discussions online. The book changed my life in many ways as got a newfound respect and understanding towards developing countries. I also learned a lot about myself as a person. I learned that I want to make a difference and work as a lawyer in the UN. If I were to pick up a book today, it would have been a book about conflicts in Africa. I would like to learn more about it and try to figure out what that could have been done, and what must be done to prevent future conflicts. I believe discussing in a group session about casualty and our own opinions is going to make students, and myself, more comfortable with expressing our own ideas and how we see things later in a professional life. Having debates and discussions in class leaves the students no other options than to actually study the text and get involved. I expect that the reading project enriches my inner world, improves my grammar and my spelling. Reading gives us access to knowledge and power and can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. I also want to get a better understanding of why our world society has come to what it is today and why there are so many differences crosswise of our cultures. Especially when we are so connected in other areas like import and export, technology, the entertainment industry and communication via Internet. I want to learn how to envision our society decades ahead so that I can do my duty as a citizen and take part of the community. I understand I...
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