Importance of Labour

Topics: Country, Destiny, Human Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Success that is earned rather gifted takes people towards excellence. Such a success is a real source of self-satisfaction and true happiness. Furthermore, the excellence achieved through labor and hard-work is sustainable and long-lasting. It shapes the people internally as well as externally. Finally, it determines the human destiny and his ultimate position in the society and comity of nations. Just think about the difference between a man who has inherited huge wealth and property and the other who earned the same through labor. Also look at the nations that efficiently exploited the nature’s-endowed resources and the others which didn’t. Japan a big economic giant has scarce natural but plenty of skillful human resource. Its people made its land of islands developed, prosperous and viable by hard-work and determination. They achieved efficiency and high productivity, made their country a home of manufacturing industry that worked on imported raw material and earned its profit through export of goods. Contrarily one can list down a number of counties that did nothing except relying on God-gifted wealth and resources. Arab countries testify this argument. Endowed with heavy hydrocarbon reserves --- earning them huge foreign exchange, they are still backward in the field of technology, education and science. Most of the Arab countries rely on foreign skilled manpower and technology. Such a success that is earned on the basis of gifted-resources is temporary and volatile. Such nations cannot endure external and internal shocks, and when they run short on resources they face hard days. Even in Islam labor and effort has been given special importance. One who develops the taste of labor never awaits the gifts of fortune and relies on his arms strength.
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