Importance of Initial Induction

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“Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at

this time?”

Assignment Question
“Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?”

When intending on providing therapy, an initial consultation should be carried out. The main objective to this is for the therapist to assess if this type of therapy is suitable for the client, and whether or not both client and therapist feel comfortable working with each other. There are many other factors that should be covered within the first consultation and a variety of issues surrounding these. I intend on looking at these in detail and identifying why this first consultation is so important. The Notation

This is the main exercise carried out within the consultation. The therapist will gather important information and data about the client. It is only once this information has been gathered can the therapist go ahead and identify if therapy can be performed. This will cover things such as:

• Full name – Inc name they like to be used in addressing them • Address & Tel numbers – Inc if they can be contacted on these • Current & previous occupation’s
• G.P’s name and surgery
• Medical history – Inc any medications
• Any addictions – Inc previous
• Family medical history
• Sleep patterns
• Relationship history – Inc current relationships/children • Hobbies & Interest’s
• Phobia’s & likes/dislikes
• Happy work/home life
• Happy childhood
• Any previous experiences in hypnotherapy – Inc how this went • What is the clients goal
• Why now
• How did you find me (the therapist) – Marketing research • What bought the client to me (the therapist) – Marketing research • Any inappropriate connections

Medical History
This is a major factor in the assessment, as this alone can determine hypnotherapy unsuitable. Hypnotherapy should not be carried out on clients with certain medical histories or conditions. The therapist needs to know all medications the client may be taking and have an understanding as to what these medicine’s do and any side effects they may have. This should also include any historic medications that have been prescribed. The BNF book can be referred to for guidance on this. Medical history should indicate if the client has any mental health problems. This is majorly important as hypnotherapy should only be practised in some cases, as a tool in conjunction with in-depth psychotherapy and in other cases, not at all. If the client has a history of depression, or is taking anti-depressants then they should be referred to a therapist with the relevant experience. Both the client and the therapist’s health and safety will be put at risk if the medical details are not obtained, assessed and investigated properly. The therapist also needs to be aware of any previous or current addictions, even if these are not what the therapy is required for. If the client has any special needs then the consent from a guardian should be sought and ideally they should be present during the therapy sessions. Mental Health

Neurosis is a term used to describe various psychological disorders such as • Anxiety Disorders – This is an overreaction to normal tolerated stresses • Panic Disorders – Regular panic attacks where the client has no causing heart conditions. • Phobia’s – A fear that affects the clients life

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – The client has unwelcoming or intrusive thoughts or behaviours that they have to carry out • Separation Anxiety – An irrational feeling of separation from parents by the child • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Symptoms following a disaster • Psychosomatic Disorders – Symptoms of emotions or subconscious cognitions...
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