Importance of Information Communication Technology in Technical Education

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Computer network Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: March 26, 2013

This study is designed to determine the impact of the use of internet on technical college vocational students’ academic performance in Ogun State, Nigeria. The purpose of the study among other things focuses on identifying the attitudes of students toward the use of internet; to determine the purpose of internet usage by students; to find out the intensity of internet usage by students and to find out whether the use of internet improves the academic performance of students or not. Survey method was adopted the research. Data were collected from one hundred and forty (140) technical college students in seven (7) technical colleges Ogun State, Nigeria. Means and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions. Interviews were also conducted with students to compliment the data collected The findings of the study reveals that most of the secondary school students access computer connected to the internet through the use of the cyber café or settings open to the public; the students spend more of their time outside the school and their homes to use the internet; female students are more disposed to the use of the internet for social networking than their male counterparts; most of the special sites students visit on the internet are not for academic engagements or school work; most of the devices used are connected to the internet through the use of modem and the use of internet technology show significant relationship with students academic achievement and it motivates the students to get along with schoolwork. The study however recommended that technology should be embraced in all technical colleges in Ogun State, Nigeria.

KEYWORDS: World Wide Web, Internet, Technology, Modem, and Devices

Technical colleges of today have come of age in this new information revolution. From the time they started...
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