Importance of Independence

Topics: Decision making, Nationalism, Independence Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: August 9, 2012
“The general lesson is that true independence is our ability to find the truth for ourselves and has nothing to do with our tendency to distance ourselves from others.” ( Antonia Macaro & Julian Baggini, 2011) Independence is the state or quality of being independent, also freedom from control, influence, support, aid or the like of others. (, 2012) There are few virtues more important than independence. Independence is a requirement for leading your own life, having your own rules, standards, and way of conducting business as an individual or a country on a whole. How can one make a decision if every action that is taken has to go through many channels before it reaches to the receiver? Without independence, one cannot be the designer of their destiny. You must be satisfied toiling in the canfields while someone sets the direction you are to take. Don’t get me wrong, independence doesn’t mean you don’t need other people’s input. Most people or country wouldn’t last long without the assistance and support of those with greater influences. Independence summed up means you add at least as much value back as is given to you in any kind of transaction. This shows the importance of independence to an individual or a nation nationally, socially, and intellectually.

Jamaica as a nation has steadily progressed since independence. The lowering of the Union Jack and the hoisting of the new black, gold and green flag at midnight August 5th, 1965 was the formal transfer of power to Jamaica and the birth of a nation. Independence, Therefore, may be obtained through decolonization or by separation or dismemberment, which therefore means, for Jamaica that it is the self government of the nation by its citizens. It was now the responsibility of the newly elected Prime Minister and the locally elected Cabinet. An independent Jamaica has its own constitution, its own army, emblem, symbols, passport etc. Independence is very important to a...
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