Importance of Hindu Spiritual Knowledge

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In this article, I am going to elaborate some facts of life which are based on my own experiences and some Hindu Scriptures. (Not a new thing, every person has to some or the other day pass through this phase of life, either in this birth or in future births to come.)

If one feels the subject boring, then certainly he/she can stop reading, but I can assure you that you have nothing to lose by reading this article. One can agree or disagree with my viewpoint, but the universal truth will prevail, the defect is in our set of mind, upbringing, or more particularly the SAMSKAARS which are imparted to us since childhood.

We live in this materialistic world, and there is blind race in this world for money, name, fame, etc. Such is the cut throat competition that the saying BAAP BADA NA BHAIYA SABSE BADA RUPAIYA holds true.

Our Shastras also say that there are four attainable goals of human beings which are DHARM, ARTH, KAAM and MOKSHA. Out of these, most of the people tend to ignore the fourth one i.e. MOKSHA. We forget that we will not be there on this earth infinitely, and some day we have to leave this body and the soul will move further in its journey. A beautiful Sanskrit quote goes like this:


It means that when you will die, your property, movable and immovable will remain on the earth, your cattles will be there in their place, your wife will come only till the door of your house, your relatives will accompany you till the grave yard (smashaan), your body will be cremated and the only thing which go with you is your karma. So, all our actions which are not towards our final goal i.e. Self realization is in vain, is futile exercise and is a big zero, because out of this nothing will be carried forward in the next birth.

As far as accumulation of money is concerned, somewhere we have to put a fullstop. People are taking false enjoyment in increasing the digits of their income/wealth for example 5 digits, 6 digits, 7 digit salary etc. Here one thing is worth noting that the Vahana or vehicle of Goddess Laxmi is Owl. So the persons having lot of wealth are generally tensed and busy and they are awake even at the midnight hours like an Owl. What is the use of the excess money if it cannot give you a good sleep? A computer engineer cannot eat the silicon chips or microprocessors. He has to consume potato chip or banana chip.

And those people who think that there is no such thing as rebirth, and believe in the philosophy of eat, drink and be happy, are also not happy. That happiness is not long lasting and is superficial. God is also tired of keeping the records of every individual and calculation of Paap and Punya, therefore the results of good as well as bad karma is given in this birth only. Followers of Charwak Rishi are of the opinion that till the time you live, live happily, take loan for eating Ghee, (RINAM KRITWA GHRITAM PIVET) once the body is cremated, there is no rebirth, so enjoy this birth. But this is entirely different from the Sanatan Dharma Philosophy.

Now the heart of this article comes. Having understood that we have to be spiritualistic rather than materialistic (no doubt DHARM-good deeds, ARTH-earning money, KAAM-physical desire, is also to be given importance) in our life, the next step is to surrender ourselves to a SELF REALISED SAINT – SADGURU. Why I am emphasizing SADGURU, because, there are two types of GURU, one is Siksha Guru and the other one is Diksha Guru.

Siksha Guru means the Guru who imparts the worldly knowledge like accountancy, tax or maths or science. This knowledge is only for the limited purpose of filling our stomach and survive in this world and it will not be helpful in the next birth. Suppose I am a Chartered Accountant in this birth, then in the next birth, that degree will not benefit me and I will...
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