Importance of Health Awareness

Topics: HIV test, Blood, HIV Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 30, 2010
The human life is a combination of happiness and sorrows. It is impossible to know when we might face a big difficulties and emotional troubles in life. We all have to go through a bad phase at some time in our life which leads to stress in our lives. To avoid these kinds of problems, people need to have some awareness about a few important things. Especially like health which mainly depends on our acts and behavior. Therefore regular check ups are helpful to find out the health issues at early stages. In his essay TAKING THE TEST, the author David Groff says negligence and lack of awareness about AIDS test put many people into life threatening problems. In his essay Author says "For years-practically ever since the HIV antibody test had been released in 1985-I had avoided this movement" (514). It illustrates that he didn't think it was necessary to go for AIDS test even though he had sexual relationships with many partners where risk for the disease was high or it might be the fear of test results and his careless behavior. "I almost wanted the vial to crash and break; then I wouldn't have to deliver it and I would never know" (514). It means he still wanted to avoid giving blood sample for test because he was more confident that he might end up with positive results and he was not ready to hear the bad news. "There were hundreds of vials" (515). It means that he was not the only person in the world going through all tensions and fears of the AIDS test results. There were many more people who might have neglected taking of the health related tests were also going through all kind of emotions. Author says people are getting into trouble due to lack of knowledge and social inhibitions about HIV testing which is needed as part of regular checkups. A little awareness will avoid unnecessary excitement and also saves life from deadly diseases like AIDS. Weather it is positive or negative, people should live as better as they can.
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