Importance of Filing a Mileage Pass

Topics: Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer, Officer Pages: 11 (5014 words) Published: March 29, 2012
There are many importance's to filing a mileage pass through the company and making sure that your chain of command are certain of where you are going to be when you say you are going to be there. One very good reason is that it can ultimately get the entire chain of command in trouble. In not filling out this form you can have a serious negative impact upon yourself, your family, your chain of command, your unit, life and your overall well being. By performing this action I directly disregarded my chain of command, gave myself undeserved authority and took it upon myself to go home to Las Vegas, Nevada completely ignoring the fact that there were possible consequences of the ignorant and foolish decision that could have easily been handled had I been responsible enough to make a single phone call or send a simple text to my team leader or any other Non Commissioned Officer in my chain of command notifying them that my girl friend had surprised me with a ticket to come home. In doing this I would have had the privilege to go home stress free with no worries and enjoy my time knowing that I was doing everything by the rules and regulations of the army over Leaves and Passes. The decisions I made not only affected me but also affected my family, my fiancé and my entire chain of command to include my first line supervisor, my other e-5's , my platoon sergeant, my platoon leader, my first sergeant, my company commander , my battalion sergeant major, my battalion commander, and my entire unit. The negligent actions that i made affect me in many ways, not being where I said I was going to be and knowing that I am in the wrong bring unnecessary stress and anguish that of getting in trouble. It also could affect me in many other ways such as if I were to get arrested or even assuming the worst, if I were to die while being home and not having the paperwork filled out it could have dire affects upon my family getting my life insurance. Also being out of the mileage that was directed to me could have huge affects upon my work life, my pay, my rank and the way my chain of command look at me. If I were to get into a freak accident and somehow die and my family was not going to receive my life insurance then I would have left them with nothing more than funeral bills and dead son. I am a very family oriented person, so going over this is my mind and realizing the severity of that fact brings how serious this matter actually is. Another matter is that I get an article 15 under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice because of my irrespinsible actions. If i were to get an article-15 under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice action i would have the possiblity of not only losing my pay, my rank and extra duty but also losing the trust of my chain of command and take the risk of being micro managed. AS I look deeper into all of the possible consequences i see that losing my pay for any said amount of time could have devastating affect's on my car insurance, gas, cell phone bill, ability to replace broken things, going home, relationship with my finace, going home in the future and overall everyday life that I live. If I were to lose my rank that would have even longer devistating affect's upon my normal daily living, respect of my peers , my chain of command and the worst off all inhibiting my chances and likeliness of getting promoted in the near future. If i were to get extra duty on top of the loss off my pay and my rank i would be working on all of my time off, where I was supposed to be starting school, studying for the board and getting ahead of my peers in the race to become a Non Commissioned Officer and lead soldiers like I know i am capable of doing. Not to mention on top of all of these possible actions that could be taken I would lose the trust and responsiblity that they instill in me to do every day normal tasks. Out of all of the consequences this would be the worst of all. I take pride in my leadership knowing...
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