Importance of Family

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Carla Burrus
Writing II

My Favorite Teacher

Throughout life, I have had many teachers. My favorite teacher and

the one who has impacted my life the most, was not a math or English

teacher but, my grandfather. Even though my grandfather, J.W., is no longer

alive, he taught me well. The most important things I have learned from him

were never to give up, to be honest and to follow my beliefs. For these

reasons, my grandfather was my favorite teacher.

First, he taught me one of life’s most important things was never to

give up. My grandfather always led by example and demonstrated to me that

through hard work and determination, I could accomplish anything. For

example, my grandfather helped me become the person I am today by

teaching me through his true-life experiences. When he was faced with

difficult times, he would pray to God to have strength, to carry on. Through

each trial and tribulation, that life placed in front of him, my grandfather

never gave up. My grandfather would often express that the way he learned

to cope with everyday life was not always easy.

Growing up, there were many financially difficult times and everyday

problems that I thought I would never make it through, but under no

Circumstances, my grandfather would ever let me give up. My grandfather

encouraged and made me see strengths that I did not know I possessed.

Second, my grandfather often preached about being honest. He

always believed in doing the right thing, when it came to honesty. He used

to tell me that being honest was the most abundant thing in life. When being

honest I can be trusted, whereas telling a lie I would become a liar, then I

could never be trusted. He told me integrity defined goodness and decency

Within a persons character.

My grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher and often taught me to

follow my beliefs. He lived by the Bible and...
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