Importance of Ethical Behavior

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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Why is it important for top managers to ensure that organizational culture supports ethical conduct and social responsibility??
In today’s society people don’t always do what’s right. They may know that doing certain things will cause greater consequences that they would like but still do it anyways. It is the top managers responsibility to ensure that the organizational culture supports ethical conduce and social responsibility because they are who the team members look to for guidance. As stated in chapter 1, ethics is a branch of philosophy concerned with human values and conduct, moral, duties and obligations. (Pg 10) Managers have to be the voice that people look to; to know what they want to do may not always be the best thing for themselves or the company. Top managers need to ensure organizational structure to make sure that harassment, discrimination and stealing are not happening within their company. And if it does happen then it will immediately be taken care of. For example, if I am the office manager and I know that Monica is stealing money from the office drawer it is my job to handle that situation either by termination or verbal discipline. I have to act ethically and make the best decision for the company, no mater how much or bad she needed it. When discrimination happens it puts a dark cloud over the employees. They tend to feel that the company does not care about them as employees so they begin not to care about they job and tend to slack off. Managers need to make it an on going habit to treat each employee fairly. They need to make sure that they keep their ethics in check while they are in the presents of employees. Social responsibility is described in the text as obligations to protect and benefit others and to avoid actions that could harm them.(pg 77) This basically means don’t do anything that will put anyone else in harms way, or cause another employee bodily harm. For example, I can’t...
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