Importance of Ergonomic Workstation Design

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Employment, Occupational health psychology Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Importance of Ergonomic Workstation Design.
If you noticed that you often feel tired or sluggish throughout the work day and experience problems such as back pain, neck, pain and headaches interfering with productivity levels in the office or workplace, you may want to examine your office furniture, desks, and equipment in order to make your work environment more comfortable for you and the individuals you work with. Many employers are not aware of the fact that each employee requires a customized ergonomic workstation fit to his or her specific body type in order to work at maximum productivity levels. Ergonomic design entails customizing an employee’s workstation to fit their specific job duties, working practices, and medical needs. Without an ergonomic workstation, an employee is more likely to take extended breaks and vacation times, lowering productivity and increasing absenteeism. Workstation assessments consist of an ergonomic consultation performed by a certified (OHS) Occupational Health and Safety professional; this process includes having the professional looking over the workstation and examines the possible causes of pain and distress for the employee. He or she will then take a number of factors into account, such as height, weight, and activity level, to suggest a number of simple changes that can be made in order to improve the health and comfort of the staff member. Another component of workstation assessments is the placement and purchasing of office furniture. Many chairs and desks are not designed for the prolonged usage required by some professional industry jobs. A physiotherapist can provide guidance as to which models of desks, chairs, and computers will be of most comfort to a particular individual, and can also arrange trial periods and discounted rates for purchasing new office furniture on occasion. Benefits of Ergonomic Workstation

Jobs that entail a large amount of computer or office work often result in employees spending the...
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