Importance of English Class

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Taking an English class during college is important for a fundamental education, because regardless of the major I chose, I must able to communicate well in written and spoken words. After all, in the future, when I try to obtain a job, the corporations will most likely base their decision on my ability to express ideas and opinions in a sophisticated and correct manner. Therefore, increasing my knowledge and skills in English will increase my opportunities to success. Yet, currently, many students try to avoid taking English class due to the great amount of practice and dedication that requires. This, in the long run, decreases their abilities to analyze, express and critique ideas.

Personally, taking an English class has made my writing more organized. While typing my papers, I was able to consider my thoughts, analyze them, and decide if they made sense. Most important, organized writing helped me express my ideas more clearly and facilitate the reader's understanding. For example, during the summary and response essays, I obtained low grades due to my lack of clarity and coherence. This made my essays to wander off topic and be difficult to follow. However, all these changed when my teacher taught me the importance of paragraph organizations and transitions. I learned to state the main idea in the beginning of the paragraph and then support it with strong and detailed evidence for the remaining of the paragraph. This way the reader can engage with the topic and avoid their confusion. In addition, a correct transition during my essays helped my writing to flow smoothly and show how my ideas related to each other. As a result, my essays gained a clear balance that keeps the readers interested and curious about the topic.

In the other hand, one of my major weaknesses was being too wordy. I used to believe that complex and sophisticated words were needed to write a college level essay. This would create complicated sentence structures that would make my...
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