Importance of English

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Why English Translation in Urdu is Important
If you want to learn something so you need to learn English first. but when the thing comes about English translation in Urdu then I’ll say that everyone understands and enjoys the things when they come in his or her mother tong , Even English is a language of internet which you are using right now. of-course  you have knowledge about English language that's why you are here reading my post. Although Urdu is the official language of Pakistan but English is the language which is formally used in all private and government offices. One reason of the importance of English in Pakistan is that it remained under British control for long time and consequently adopts the language of their previous masters. Now English is compulsory in all schools in Pakistan and its importance along with its usage is increasing day by day. English has become the language of media. It is an international language, used almost every part of the world. In our country, it is growing day by day. In 1985, the English language was only in private schools but now Pakistani government is making more and more efforts for the progress of English language. More institutes are being developed and organized. It has become the language of media, trade and science. In Pakistan, the importance of English language is growing and now English language is compulsory in mostly all schools and colleges. The latest and the most advanced discoveries and inventions in science and technology are being made in the universities located in the United States of America where English language is the means of scientific discourse.

Over the years, English language has become one of our principal assets in getting a global leadership for books written by Indian authors and for films made by Indians in English language. A famous Indian movie maker Shekhar Kapoor’s film “Elizabeth” has got several nominations for Oscar Awards. It does not require any further argument to...
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