Importance of English

Topics: Communication, Lingua franca, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 9, 2013
As you all know English Language is a universal language and it is spoken worldwide.There are about three-quarters of the world’s population right now using the language to communicate with their friends,relatives and families all over the world.The language is well accepted,recognised and established as the most popular,widely used and spoken the entire globe. The language is used as a tool to connect people from all parts of the world.Take for instance the famous social website,Facebook.Many people used this website to communicate and make comments in English language.Besides it helps in travelling especially when you have to communicate with taxi drivers,hotel receptionists,restaurant caterers,bus operators and the local people at the country you visited.Tourists who travelled world wide may find that having some knowledge in English is handy and helps them to overcome any communication problems.Better still if you can master the language then surely you will not be at loss in any parts of foreign places that you visited. Moreover good mastery of language will strengthen the students who are pursuing their higher educations at colleges and universities especially touching on their future careers.Students likely to use the language thoroughly in their investigative and research purposes in all fields such as Engineering,Medical, Accountacy,Business and many others.Almost all the books are written in English,so you can imagine with the poor perfomances of English,it may distract the overall acedemic perfomances. The mastery of the language may assist the job-finders to connect themselves with their prospective employers.Most employers would consider taking graduates who can speak good and understandable English language.The graduates may also try their luck not only locally but also internationally.People who are exposed to English language may find themselves easy to get good jobs and possibily also high paid salaries. Many traders,dealers,distributors...
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