Importance of English

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The importance of English
English is a language with an extremely diverse history, and its development into a full-fledged tongue was one that was influenced by many other languages. Its inclusiveness and modular nature mean that it is a language that is constantly changing and growing bigger, and it includes many loanwords from other cultures; these factors make it one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. It is growing in popularity, too, as defined by the number of people who speak it. At least 400 million people speak English as their first language, and that number is only the beginning. A recent estimate states that non-native speakers of English outnumber those for whom it is their first language by a factor of three to one. These numbers combined represent over a quarter of the entire world's population. This is part of the reason why English is a very rewarding language. It is a well-known fact that Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly-spoken language on the planet, but there is a caveat. Mandarin Chinese is only really spoken in China, whereas English speakers are spread widely throughout the world. This is one of the main benefits to learning English as a second language. Since so many other people speak it, and in such disparate areas, it vastly increases your chances of being able to communicate with as many people as possible. Statistics show that it is the language most commonly taught as a foreign language, so choosing to learn it yourself opens up a very wide range of communicability options. Another reason to learn English is the fact that increasing amounts of worldwide business are being conducted in English. With the advent of outsourcing, for example, people in various countries are being given the opportunity to work based on their capacity to speak English. Even leaving aside the fact that bilingualism is always a useful skill, the scope for employment is much wider for those who speak English in foreign countries. English,...
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