Importance of Electrical Energy

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Importance of Electrical Energy
Electric Energy

We need energy in various forms like heat,light,sound etc.The development new technology made it possible to convert electrical energy into any form of energy.This gives electrical energy an important position in the world.The running of the modern industrial structure depends on the low cost and the uninterrupted supply of electricity.In short we can say that a country is developed if the per capita consumption of electrical energy is much higher.

Electrical energy is considered to be superior over other energy forms the following facts gives the proof for it

Convenient energy form

Electrical energy could be considered as the most convenient form of energy.It could be converted from one form into any other form.For example we know that a bulb glows when electricity passes through it ,it is the conversion of electrical energy into light energy.A wire gets heated when current pass through it for a long time,it is conversion of electrical energy into heat energy and so on.

Easiness to Control

The machines or devices which works on electrical energy can easily be controlled ie an electric motor could be switch on and off with in a very easy manner where as a mechanical engine needs much energy to get started.And we could provide much easy way to control machines with help of electric devoces such as regulators,voltage controllers etc


Another important aspect of electricity is the flexibility,it is very easy to carry electricity from one place to other by using conductors .


Electrical energy is much cheaper compared to other forms of energy.The cost of production and availability is much larger compared to other forms of energy and hence it is an inevitable component in all sectors of the modern world.


Electrical energy is not associated with polluting factors such as smoke,dust,fumes ,poisonous gases etc thus it offers a healthy atmosphere to each...
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