Importance of Education

Topics: Oral hygiene, Brand, Teeth Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: February 21, 2013
A toothpaste or dentifrice is a substance used with a toothbrush for the purpose of cleaning the accessible surfaces of the teeth.

• Cleaning
• Polishing
• Removal of stains
• Reduce incidence of tooth decay
• Reduction of oral malodors
 Pasted from <> Need of consumer awareness
90 % OF THE POPULATION SUFFERS FROM VARIOUS TYPES OF DENTAL PROBLEM MANY PEOPLE IN INDIA STILL CLEAN THEIR TEETH WITH TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS LIKE NEEM TWIG,SALT,ASH ,TOBACCO OR OTHER HERBAL INGREDIENTS NEARLY 80% OF CONSUMERS SURVEYED ARE LOYAL TO THEIR BRANDS 60% OF CONSUMERS SURVEYED WERE WILLING TO TRY OUT A NEW BRAND IF IT OFFERS ADDED VALUE AN AVERAGE OF 300 gms ARE CONSUMED BY EACH HOUSEHOLD EVERY MONTH PER CAPITA TOOTHPASTE CONSUMPTION STANDS AT 82 gms The dentist to population ratio is a critically low 1:35000 in the country. Thisresults in low oral hygiene consciousness and widespread dental diseases. Less than 15% of theIndian toothpaste users brush twice a day. Colgate and Hindustan Lever together account forover 85% of the organized toothpaste market. Red and Black toothpowder still accounts for 35%of the toothpowder market. In toothpowders, Colgate and Dabur are the leading playerssharing between them 75% of the market  as per the dentist advice 2 times brushingis compulsory for avoiding dental problem. Normally Indian people are not giving muchimportance to oral care, so the share of oral care industry is less in India when compare todeveloped countries.

consumers are influenced by theprice, availability and Packaging. Of the total respondents 40% of them influenced by the price,30% influenced by the availability, 15% influenced by the packaging, and 15% influenced byother factors When the respondents were asked to mention the factors which motivate them tobuy a particular brand of toothpaste their replies are mostly price and availability. For increasing the price of a product the company...
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